Proven Results

Create the digital platform that your commerical real estate company needs

With our team's help, companies have seen oustanding 140% increases (28% yearly average) in transactional volume, 60% increases (12% yearly average) in salesforce growth resulting in $415M / 52% (10.4% yearly average) gross revenue gain and market penetration. 


Our solutions help you with agent retention and recruiting, social media awareness, branding, and aligning your tools with your culture.

Our experience in driving the technological and pipeline solutions that are so vital to your business is unmatched. For the past 25 years, our founder Rick Peltz and his carefully selected team have overseen the development of specialized applications that deliver the customized solution that any business needs.


Most CRE software providers have monthly payments of $50 to $125 for every user, adding a persistant significant cost to even a modestly sized corporation. At 100 users, a subscription-based platform will cost $60,000 to $150,000 every year - at the enterprise level, these expenses can become immense. 


We aim to obsolete the subscription model - we offer a solution that allows you to purchase and own your software with a one-time payment. As your firm grows, the cost to provide a technology solution to your brokers will actually decrease, not increase.

Foundry, our all-encompassing CRM solution, streamlines your business operations; maximizing revenue, reducing long term organizational costs, and optimizing vertical or horizontal market expansion now and into the future. 

Our firm is fueled by our cumulative experience and expertise consulting within the industry of commercial real estate. By partnering with all levels of management, we identify your needs and address all your challenges.