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$35 Per Month - Rent to Own!

Foundry is a compete Commercial Real Estate (CRE) enterprise software system that your company owns. Unlike expensive subscription based models (like Salesforce and other 3rd party cloud based solutions), Foundry is built with the company in mind. We do not support the stacking model of assigning licenses by the agent, we present a cohesive product that supports your entire company out of the box. Foundry is carefully engineered from the ground up to support businesses by providing deal management, property, CRM platform, prospecting, open listings, pipeline management, dashboard and detailed reports.

Foundry is a secured deal, transaction-based enterprise platform that supports:

  • Company, Office, Clients and Ownership information

  • Properties, Property Type Specific, Rent and Sales information

  • Deal, Status Control, Commission, Invoicing, Contingency & Escrow Management, Booking Statement information

  • Dashboard, Tracking and Comprehensive Reporting (Pipeline, Commissions, Activity, Balance of Trade, etc.)

  • Dynamic maintenance table and user-based security methodology

  • Host on Microsoft, Amazon or Google cloud

  • Import Company, Office, Contact and Property information via Excel Workbook 

  • Connect to web services, email canvasing, digital and print media marketing with your existing providers 


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Return on Your Investment

Foundry, matched up against competing CRE industry software providers in most cases returns a complete ROI in less than 2 years. In a some cases, less than 1 year!

Most CRE software providers have monthly payments of $49 to $129 for every user adding a significant cost to the corporation. At 50 users, a subscription-based contract will cost $29,400 to $75,000 every year at the enterprise level, these expenses can become immense. 


Contact us for further information on how Foundry will change the way you are doing business. We aim to make the subscription model obsolete. As your firm grows, the cost to provide a technology solution to your brokers will actually decrease.



Rent to Own!

We are excited to share our new "Rent to Own" program that allows you to easily and affordably take advantage of Foundry, the ultimate deal, property and CRM platform. For $35 per month, you will have full access to the complete system you need. Get away from expensive subscription base services and switch over to the only system you can eventually own!


We are offering two Foundry platforms to run your business:

  • Foundry Enterprise* - Properties and closed deals are shared with other Foundry owners
  • Foundry Proprietary** - Contains only your information, separate installation


Foundry can also be used to manage and track:

  • Competition brokerage listings
  • Deals
  • Properties
  • Financials
  • Ownership of properties, deals and LLC's


Create prospecting and dynamic call lists from

  • Property ownerships
  • Competition and deal listings


*Based on a yearly prepaid fee of $420 per user, no setup fee required
**Based on a yearly prepaid fee of $420 per user, setup fee required